Andrea Facenda Fraino Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Andrea Facenda Fraino is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Valencia, Venezuela. She is a passionate artist who has always been interested in drawing and in the graphic arts. Andrea graduated from Arturo Michelena University. From the beginning, she has been leaving a colorful signature and a creative style on logotypes, lettering, identity development and has always shown iconic images besides outstanding illustrations done with unique strokes. Andrea has a particular view from the most pure minimalism to a nature lettering psychedelic fusion, all of this towards to generate a message and a response that invites people to think and also remember it. At the same time, she is very close to music and even closer to Rock and Roll. Andrea’s work has been highlighted on the venezuelan music industry with her powerful approaches that cover everything from logos to cd packaging and posters. She has worked with many venezuelan bands nationally and internationally published. Andrea’s artworks have contributed in a relevant way in the Venezuelan music scene since she is one of the few that have accomplished to generate an interest on people about this type of memorabilia. She also has participated in the fashion industry with its new clothing and accessory brand based on men and women t-shirts, totebags, pencil cases, among others. All of this is hand-made and stamped with serigraphy technique. In 2017, Andrea`s work was reviewed by one of the greatest graphic designers of our time Stefan Sagmeister. Her work was also featured on the new edition of Los Logos by Gestalten called Los Logos 8. At this moment, Andrea is working on new ideas to show herself in the national and international market. Also experimenting in different fields to include her unique signature.
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