Andrea Facenda is an interdisciplinary designer based in Toronto, Canada. During her whole life she has been involved in the art world but her professional career started when studying art and graphic design. Later she also decided to become a researcher and design strategist. Along with her studies she has developed other skills such as animation, illustration, storytelling, coding and 3d.

Since her beginnings she had developed art concepts for a very diverse range of clients. Some of them are clothing brands, musicians, engineers, real estate agencies. She is focused on research-driven design that promotes cultural, ethical, inclusive, technological and city-collaborative initiatives through exhibitions, books and digital platforms. She likes to think about her processes as being formed by accountable, detailed focus and collaborative efforts.

Though her career has a broad range of experiences, the flexibility to go from research-based concepts to the development of detailed oriented graphic products is the main spot of her abilities. This is a quality that has brought her acknowledgments such as a feature on the German publisher Gestalten on its book Los Logos 8. Also her work was reviewed by the renowned Austrian and New York-based graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. Recently she received as part of the 2019-2020 cohort of the Institute Without Boundaries an award by DesignTO on “Community Wellbeing” for the exhibition Playroom.TO in Toronto.