Andrea Facenda Fraino Graphic Designer & Illustrator
FyF: Identity
Type Photography
Illustrated Music Posters
Lettering Animations
Somniator: Cd packaging
3D Lettering
AFF: Logo and business cards
El Cabo
Brownievoros: Lettering for social networks
VRmakeup: Logo and lettering
Atahualpa Ovalles & la Pandilla de Lautreamont: Cd packaging
Marco Tovar: Logo and business cards
El Viaje de los Antiguos: Cd packaging
KBI: Logo and stationary design
Illustrated T-Shirts and Tote Bags
RF: Monogram and stationary design
SRG - Band Lettering
El Viaje de los Antiguos - Band Lettering
Mimosa: Logotype and Fabric Design
Spumasana: Identity, photography, packaging and web design
La Bella Managua
Rintintintas: Logotype and business cards
Klavier: Logotype and business cards
Electro (Cefalorraquideo) - Band Lettering
JH: Logo and business cards
Pararrayo: Logo and business cards
Hernan Arends - Professional Kitesurfer
New stuffs!
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